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Universal Bitcoin Symbol

C-series /⭐️⭐️⭐️


In crypto we trust” is the BTCC Mint slogan. The slogan expresses our trust in cryptocurrencies and our vision of a future in which everyone uses bitcoin.

UV Light-Visible Lettering

BTCC created Bitcoin Chips with security in mind. Security features on the chips include the bitcoin denomination of the collectible and the BTCC logo in ultraviolet light-visible ink.

The website introduces two revolutionary BTCC products: BTCC Mint and Mobi, and outlines how they work together. BTCC Mint is the brand of physical bitcoins made by BTCC, which combine uncirculated bitcoins and unique design and materials. Mobi is a revolutionary mobile application that allows instant currency conversions and money transfers.



Mint collectibles are denominated in bits because BTCC believes that bitcoin’s adoption will expand, leading to increasing bitcoin value and the use of decreasing units of bitcoin.


BTCC Mint collectibles are the only physical bitcoins on the market containing uncirculated bitcoins. These bitcoins come straight from BTCC’s bitcoin mining pool, making them an attractive choice for bitcoin enthusiasts.

Serial Number

The hologram sticker on the reverse of each Bitcoin Chip contains a window that allows customers to see the chip’s serial number. Each chip’s serial number starts with a unique letter: A for the 500K-bit chip, B for the 100K, C for the 25K, D for the 10K, E for the 5K, and F for the 1K.

Secure Hologram Sticker

The reverse inlay of Bitcoin Chips is a secure hologram sticker with each chip’s private key underneath it. The hologram sticker is tamper-evident, leaving a honeycomb pattern if moved even slightly. The hologram sticker’s other secure features include microprint and a multi-pattern design consisting of dot, lava, rainbow, and pillar-of-light patterns.

Partial Public Address

he back of each Bitcoin Chip contains a window that shows part of the chip’s public address after the serial number. Customers can view their chip’s full public address by entering three or more characters from the partial public address on the BTCC Mint Lookup page:

Private Key

Each BTCC Mint coin has a bitcoin private key underneath the hologram sticker. The private key can be redeemed to any wallet that supports the importing of bitcoin private keys, including Mobi. >